Google Reader is Going Bye-Bye!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!

Google Reader, my favourite blog reader is going the way of the dinosaur! I have no idea why it’s happened but maybe it’s because everything online is getting “linked” together and this is obsolete?? Who knows. All I know is I have already transferred to a new program called FEEDLY and they have made it REALLY easy to transfer your subscriptions over with the click of a button.. Literally!



It has a dashboard where you can see the newest articles, but  you can also see some feeds on the right.


If you’re wanting your reader to look more like Google Reader, click on the headings in the left hand column and all of your blogs appear in there!


I really need to re-organize my blogs because my “papercrafts” heading isn’t totally accurate anymore (not to mention I still have Pioneer Woman in that category and she is definitely NOT papercrafts…) but I really should have the blogs categorized better.


my feedly


So when you go to Feedly you will see this screen and all you need to do is either connect to Google Reader or start a new account. If you’re reading blogs through email or are just bookmarking your favourites I highly recommend a reader!

So far I am enjoying Feedly and the Feedly app on my iPad and iPhone! So try it out, I know there’s a couple other options out there, but I have found this one a nice transition!!

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