Hallowe'en at the Crawford's

Here are some favourite moments from the last two days in preperation for my second favourite holiday (after Christmas, ofcourse!).

Right now I can hear firecrackers being set off by teenagers at the elementary school across the street as two humungous bowls of Phoenix's candy sit in front of me on the counter...staring.. taunting.... must look away....

At left is one part of my neighbour's Haunted House extravaganza!! It's very cool to live right beside a local Hallowe'en destination. It helped all of us get in the mood! 

 Phoenix made these sucker-fronts (we stuck them to Sour Suckers..) from My Mind's Eye
chipboard and patterned paper. They turned out better than I'd hoped.
Here's a close-up of one:

After carving the pumpkin we always save the seeds and bake them up with some
olive oil and seasoning salt. Yummy!!

This was our entrance way this year. I was pretty happy with it, again, considering
I was too sick to buy anything new this year!!


Our cute lone pumpkin... Donation from Ian's mom.

And lastly my scurvy pirate son who got too much booty for his own good!!!

Happy Hallowe'en!! Remember to turn those clocks back! ;)

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  1. Wow it looks like Halloween at your house is a good time!

  2. OK, I'm starting to get freaked out, my son has that exact same costume from 2 years ago, and this year I did almost exactly that same alien carving, but on a watermelon. (Taken to school, filled with the balled watermelon for the kids to eat- they eat it all every year!)


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