I don't know my animal facts...

This was my idea of what a penguin looks like:

I was sitting there at my craft table thinking "Penguins are black, right??" hahaha...
This is a penguin:

 Cute!!!! But totally makes me look like an idiot! haha

I finished the whole card, and everything!

Most supplies are from Jacksonbelle Embellishments: Stampavie Penguin, Jenni Bowlin paper, Ribbon, and cardstock. Sentiment is from Papertrey Ink.

When you make a purchase at Jacksonbelle Embellishments this month you will be
entered into a draw for a serious prize package! Check it out!

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  1. When you said you messed up I was thinking he was going to be orange or something.
    He looks great! Just give him to someone who doesn't know animal facts either.

  2. Love your card, it's very cute! Saw your post on SCS about the sentiment, and I agree!

  3. OMG those are the cutest, most cuddly penguins I've ever seen! LOVE them! Your card is sweet too, nothing wrong with your penguin, he's adorable:)

  4. Don't worry - those are baby penguins, and when they lose their fluff,they turn black! So, you're clever after all, you see. Gorgeous card!

  5. And here I thought he was a chimney sweep penguin. LOL. He's so cute.

  6. LOL Tobi!!! I have to look up what ducks, penguins, etc... look like in order to color right!!! Your penguin is AWESOME!


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