Just my humble opinion...

This is a comparison of two inks that are great to USE WITH COPIC MARKERS! I have been using Nick Bantock ink in Lamp Black (by Ranger) for a LONG time. It was the ink I first used with Copics.. Then everyone said, "Try Palette!! It's the best!!!" and it wasn't... So I went back to Nick. Then everyone said "Try Memento! It's definately the best!!!" So I did.. And it's not! I'm sorry... Here's why:

"My ink" is just darker. A true black. And trust me, I stamped the same way and both
pads are juicy!



And side-by-side.

I think the results are pretty clear! Give this ink a try and let me know what you think!!
(And NO I don't work for Ranger... I WISH! I just wanted to let you know what I like
about "my ink.")


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