Colour Blind

You're not going colour-blind, I was just playing around with my new book:
Shadows & Shading: A beginners guide to lighting placement and decided to stick with grays while I made my brain smoke with concentration!!
Phew.. It's hard. This whole topic doesn't come naturally to me. I know colour, I know Copics, but I am not very artistic (in the drawing/perspective sense) and complex artistic concepts kind of go over my head. I was excited to get my hands on this book and hopefully learn some tricks. 

I isolated where the cone shapes were (arms, legs) and did not a bad job of those, then the half-spheres (diaper/torso) and kind of failed on the chest, then the sphere-shaped head. There's so much to think about! Then there is the shadow cast by the image itself! 

Regardless, I didn't want to let this image go to waste so I made a nice, non-gender-specific baby card! I used a new image from Whimsie Doodles called Circus Baby Zebra. I used a sentiment from the Baby Joy Rubber Stamp set

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