Was I the last person on the planet to buy one??

A paper crimper. I've known about them of course, heck, I've even used them when teaching at my LSS, but did I buy one? No.. I don't even have a reason besides I didn't need it. I felt it was unnecessary.. It still is unnecessary (it all is, really...) but I saw a video the other day that totally inspired me. Don't you love it (read: HATE IT) when bloggers do that?? I watched Sarah Martina's video on how to make your own corrugated cardboard embellishments and it sold me on this ancient tool. You may have noticed a little crimping on yesterday's card, well here's some more. I promise I won't crimp excessively any more after today!!

Don't you just love the sentiment? 
I've had the grass die cut (done with my Silhouette) in my spare die cut tray for a long time. When I got home I looked around my table for what I could crimp and I was like, YES! Grass!! Then I distressed it with white paint like Sarah did.. 

Um, so yah. Perfect sentiment... 
The stamp and sentiment are from My Little Friend (from There She Goes Stamps)
and I also used vellum again for the TSG challenge this week. 

Here's another blatant overuse of the crimper:

I used last year's jillibean soup line called "egg drop soup" as well as a 
cute little Whimsie Doodle called Easter Leah

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week. 

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  1. I am a big crimper fan, but don't have on here. Hmmmm, maybe you've made me need to get one now? Bad Tobi, Bad!!

  2. Too funny, Tobi :) I had a crimper (actually I had like three!) back in the early days of my card making. I stopped using it and ended up tossing them in the charity box (along with all my decorative scissors!). Now, those things are making a come back. Love the cards. That Kiss My Grass sentiment has to be one of my favorites!

  3. So cute! I need to make that gnome card/sentiment for my hubby. :D

  4. No... I do not have one. :D However your cards are making me think I need one!! Super cute!!

  5. no you aren't the last one...my daughters don't have one yet...they use mine...and i have been using it a lot more recently...everything cycles eh?...love the grass and the sentiment...very nice texture addition on the dp for the egg drop card

  6. super duper cute girl.....and i LOVE my crimper...hugs

  7. Hi Toby! I felt the same way when I finally got mine... but you have been working wonders with it! Your cards are absolutely adorable! :) Glad my video gave you a little "nudge" to give that oldie (but goodie) a try! :)

  8. Tobi, I love the card and the crimping. I just borrowed my SIL's crimper two days ago! Coincidence or what? I have always loved using that thing. It's a fun tool to have. I could crimp all day! And I just might!

  9. Tobi...crimp away girl. Crimp away.

  10. Love the Kiss my Grass sentiment!!! rofl!!! I have a crimper from wayyy back and never got rid of it. When i got into scrapping and cardmaking I was thrilled to dust it off.

    Thanks for inspiring me to get mine back out again!

    pssst.... perfect for cupcake liners.. I'm just sayin!


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