Why I Love my Stamping Friends…

I am a loner. Because I have a crazy work-ethic I’ve always had at least 3 jobs and it’s been like this my whole life. What does that mean for a social life? I don’t have one!! I have some really great life-long friends that are with me through thick-and-thin (as they say…) and that’s kind of it! I didn’t know I was missing something in my life until I got together with some online friends for a weekend of stamping/talking/shopping and laughing at Jessica’s house. Have you ever tried saying a phrase like “What do you prefer for die-cutting Spellbinders: a Cuttlebug or a Bigshot?” to a normal friend? They look at you like you’re from mars and do the Awkward Turtle… So needless to say, getting together with 12 CARDMAKERS was a supreme joy and I learned so much from all of them.

Today I’m sharing my biggest “aha!” moment from the weekend. I was able to put it into practice today after gathering the necessary supplies: 6x6 envelopes. Thank you to Jessie Rone for showing me this tip. I will use it forever now!


Do you have a shameful collection of 6x6 pads? (or 6.5x6.5 or 8x8…. Yah me too..)
I’ve always loved these pads because 1) you get the pattern scaled-down for cards, 2) you get all of the patterns in a collection and 3) scraps are minimal because you only start off with half the amount of paper.. BUT, there are still scraps, right? Here’s the solution.


a 6x6 envelope on the back of the pad. So easy, so simple, so awesome… Why didn’t I think of it???


Now all of the scraps are stored WITH the paper pad and won’t be forgotten next time you do a project with it! Do I have genius friends, or what???

Remember my Technique Tuesday post from a couple of days ago? Head over to the TT Blog to see everyone’s creations, and there may or may not be a stamp giveaway..

Have a great day!

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