Anatomy of a Card

Sorry I have been absent recently.. Concerts and performances coming out of the wazoo... I love being a performer, and conductor, but December makes me wonder why I am involved in so many things... This month I am busy 13 nights before Christmas.. I haven't even started my shopping yet. I'm getting scared.

So on to the reason I'm posting. I thought I would post my process in putting my Christmas card together.. I copied a card I did last year because I loved it so much, but I wanted to change up some elements, and here are the results...

1) Lay out stamps that I would like to use

2) Choose my colour scheme:
3) Make background paper. (I would skip this step if I was using patterned paper)
4) Decorate card base. (I used Papertrey's Polkadot Basics, and Elzybells snowflake)
5) Stamp image, and color.

6)Assemble card

7) Voila!! All of the cards will be different in subtle ways, but here are the two different images I used on the finished product.
Pretty soon I will own a little digital video recorder, and this will be easier to see, but I hope you enjoyed the process.. Take care!

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