Elzybells Advent Calender

You HAVE to go check out what Elizabeth has in store this month at her blog. If you want some Elzybells product, but are too scared to try, enter in her advent calender blog candy to win some great prizes...

I am still working like a mad woman on some school stuff, but I have a few personal photos to share.. I got Photoshop CS3 the other day, and I am astounded at its power! It's awesome.. My subject is my cute little puppy, Kitara, and man is she a ball of energy. When she's off-leash, she lets go, and was probably running 25 m/h when I took these! so here are some photos:
This last picture is one that I'm extatic about!! You may remember me getting engaged to my man, Ian on easter earlier this year, and he was sweet enough to put a ring on my finger that belonged to his grandmother until he could afford something more to our liking. (He was a student teacher, and very very broke, but I guess he wanted to secure his invesments aka ME.. lol) So this is the ring he picked out, and it's gorgeous! So sparkly in real life, and I can't stop looking at it!!
Photo credits: I used Photoshop CS3 and free actions from the lovely and hillarious Pioneer Woman. If you don't know of her blog, you're missing out on life!!!

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