My Hubby has a strange and disturbing hobby.

I think I've mentioned this before, but my fiance, Ian, has an odd hobby. When we first started dating I had a hard time seeing him do it, but over time I've gotten used to it. I forgot how freaky he looks doing it until my brother came over the other night and Ian pulled it out while we were watching a movie, and started doing it right in front of us. My brother stared at him in shock, disgust, and embarrasment. I was like, "Oh yah, my fiance is a freak, I forgot..."

What am I talking about?

Cross-stitching.. If you were thinking something DIRTY then it's just your sick mind playing with you.. But this is what Ian looks like most nights. He listens to books on his laptop, or watches sports, and cross-stitches.. He's currently working on a Mirabilia piece for his sister's wedding 3 years ago.. So he's right on time! Here's a close-up. It's not my thing, but it's nice.

P.S. no offense to any other males that do this, it was just NEW for me, and I guess I had prejudices regarding those who cross-stitch.. Sorry!!!!

P.P.S. This is all in jest.. I love him dearly and love that he has a hobby that is so unique!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas Tobi,
    I would just say that two very creative minds have come together. How cool! Go Ian!

    Wendy Gorton

  2. OK, that's very cool! I think it's great that he just does what he wants and doesn't worry about what other people think. Oh and I guess I might be saying that because George has been known to cross-stitch too! My proposal was cross-stitched - long story I'll have to tell you sometime!

    Go Ian!
    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  3. uncle Cross-stitches and always thought he was the Only freak...I'll let him know he is not alone!!!

  4. wow, it takes a man strong in his masculinity to do something like that. But I ask the question....why should be so "disturbing" that a man does something like this? I say that we should all do what makes us happy as long as no-one gets hurt!! ;-) (put down that needle!!)

  5. My Uncle cross-stitches too. He usually creates sports team mascots or logos. He's been doing it for a while too. I guess you can let Ian know he's not alone. His project looks beautiful BTW.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. I love this and think that a guy who is so secure as to do something "off-beat" is the kind of confidence that is really attractive---LOL, I am married so I won't be coming to steal him. It tells an awful lot about a person to know what they want and go for it. You have a real keeper there.

  7. A big high-five to your man...that's absolutely fabulous! perhaps I can send him my unfinished cross stitch project? I started it when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter..never finished it..then I had my son...still never finished is a bib..btw, my daughter will be 14 in March and my son is 11 {sigh}...

  8. That is so cool your hubby cross-stitching! What a wonderful gift that will be -- so from the heart! Happy Holidays!

  9. That's Hot!
    I like a guy whose not afraid to do what he likes, even if it's a little off the beaten path (as long as it's legal, anyway!).

  10. Well you hubby is in good company, one of my uncles did beautiful embroidery and the other learned to knit when he was ill. Rosey Grier a well known LA Rams football player years ago travelled with his needlepoint. NOBODY teased him.


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