Marvelous Marvy!

Today I am sharing a product made in part by the Paper Trimming Buddy. 

This product has 8 decorative blade styles (some of them similar to those craft scissors we all have and don't use) but with this system you don't have to worry about cutting in a straight line! Here's a card I made that has a scalloped border on it cut with the Paper Trimming Buddy:

I have a tip: when your swapping out decorative blades for the straight blade, turn the rubber cut guard around and have one side for deco, and one side for straight! This will ensure that when you're wanting to cut straight the blade will start a "straight groove" and won't be all wonky from the deco blades. 

Marvy is so generous again and gave SRM 4 cutters with all of the blades to give away to 4 lucky commenters. Visit the SRM Blog if you would like to try this cutting system out. 

Thanks again for visiting! 

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