Remember when we used to say "marvy" for marvelous? "That's so marvy!" hahaha.. Well, Marvy Uchida was very marvelous to the SRM DT because they sent us some new products to play with. Who doesn't love new tools?!?! Today I am featuring a couple products made with the Quick borders Craft Punch.

The system allows you to punch a border along the bottom of your cardstock seamlessly with no user error! I don't know how many times I've seen people try to fiddle with their border punches just to mess it up. Another thing that's great about the system is it's compactness. Once you have the ruler/punch set-up, all you have to buy are the cartridges that are fairly small and therefore storage is not an issue with this product. So all-in-all I am a happy customer and am looking forward to more border punches to add to my collection! 

If you want to try this system out for yourself, Marvy was very generous and they gave SRM 4 punch systems to give away on the blog! Go check it out

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