Monday, July 15, 2013

July Greenhouse Set Reveal

Today Technique Tuesday is revealing this month's set called Daisies!

 I had to turn to the internet for inspiration, because, you know, I've never seen a daisy in my life before, right? Not really, but all I could think of is the white and yellow ones... I totally forgot about Gerber Daisies!!

I love how the tips are white, so I aimed for that effect. 

I pulled out my bright pink Copic markers (the RV10 family) and gave them a little love. I think this is a beautiful set!

Not a Greenhouse Society member yet? You are in luck! It's on sale now for a limited time to non-members for $12.99 (plus shipping and handling).
If you like botanical-themed stamps, you may want to consider joining the Greenhouse Society. We release a new stamp set every month as part of this collection. Members get the Greenhouse sets for $9.99 each (plus shipping and handling) and enjoy other benefits. Check out the Membership Agreement andFAQ page on our Web site for more details on joining the Greenhouse Society.

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  1. Stunning card, the pink and blue work really well together, not something I would normally think about doing! My favourite flowers also, had them for my wedding :)

    Sam x


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