Garage Sale

I've been a busy little bee packaging up a bunch of my stash to sell at Clipper Street's humongous garage sale!

This was the LAST garage sale in July and it was FUN! It inspired me
to let go of a lot of my un-used goodies.

The funny thing about it, is I'm working in the store and can't man my own table, so Ian (my hubby) is actually doing it! I hope he does ok, and doesn't scare too many ladies away!! (Just kidding Ian!) I am thankful I have such a supportive husband. Not everyone would brave throngs of women like this. I hope he comes out unscathed!

I have made little packs of coordinating paper with embellishments to sell, a bunch of stamps, about 70 of my cards that I've made over the past2 months, and other various things (you know how it is...). So if you're in the 'hood, come on down to Clipper Street and say hi to me/Ian!!

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