A little tutorial...

My cards are being featured on the SRM blog today, and I put together a little tutorial dealing with the LONG stickers that are featured on a number of SRM sticker sheets. Just in case you didn't know, all of the SRM Sticker Sentiments come with two long stickers along the left-hand side of the sheet, like this:

I usually cut them up and use the sentiments individually, but I thought I would experiment with leaving them whole.. In their natural state... As nature intended.. This is what I did:

1) Adhere the sticker to a piece of cardstock and layer it over a piece of wide ribbon. I used Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots on the back of the cardstock strip, it's a good adhesive for popping stuff up on non-paper materials.

2) Make a curly sentiment!! Adhere the entire sticker to a long piece of cardstock. Curl the cardstock around a pencil. Lay down a strip of Sookwang adhesive and press your curled sentiment into the glue strip.

3) Stick the sentiment on a piece of paper then cover it with crackle accents (similar to glossy accents, except it cracks a little.. )

And those were just a few ideas boppin' around in my head... I would love to see how you use your sticker sentiments... Just FYI, if and when you use SRM stickers on any project, upload it to our Flickr gallery!! Susan (the owner) checks this gallery daily and features cool designs on Facebook! The gallery is also a wonderful resource if you ever suffer from a loss of mojo (which I frequently deal with), so enjoy!! 

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